UPDATE: Movie is added. It’s been sitting on my hard drive for well over a year so I figured it was time to upload it, lol.


Episode Count: 39 + Movie
File Size: ~175 MB @ 480p (640×480)
(season 3 is 720×480 anamorphic)
Movie File Size: 772 MB @ 480p (848×480)
File Extension: .mp4
Video: h264 8-bit
Audio Track: English 2.0 AAC
Subtitle Tracks: NONE

#Kametsu @ irc.kametsu.com

*Note: This encode is a little old and the dvds were extremely interlaced and the settings used to fix this issue were poorly chosen so in some scenes there is apparent ghosting. I doubt I’ll ever go back to v2 these encodes though. Don’t let this note scare you away however. It’s still a watchable release and I’ve yet to find one better on the internet. So enjoy the show.

Synopsis: Parodying, among others, Star Trek and Star Wars, Captain Chode and the crew of the Free Enterprize are attacked by Chode’s long time nemesis, Darph Bobo. Will Chode survive? Will Bobo’s soldiers survive? Will anyone survive, for that matter?