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Most questions can be answered by our about page but some additional questions will be answered here.

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Q: What should I use to play your files?
A: We only recommend the Combined Community Codec Pack which comes bundled with Media Player Classic – Home Cinema.

Q: My player is not working / Something seems wrong, what should I do?
A: First make sure the file you try to watch actually downloaded completely (check the CRC to be sure). If you still have problems, see above.

Q: Are your releases DXVA/CUDA/PS3/SmartPhone/SmartTV compatible?
A: No, go away.


Q: Why not FLAC?
A: We will only use FLAC in our 1080p releases and only when a lossless audio source is available. Our 720p releases will usually have AAC audio to cater to those who prefer smaller sized releases.

Q: Is this show dual-audio, English Dubbed, or Subbed only?
A: Read the post. We specifically state what audio tracks are available.

Q: Why do you put English audio / English Signs/Songs subs first?
A: Because our core encoders and downloaders want the English dub. Yes I know this isn’t the popular opinion within the “elitist anime fan”, but we don’t care. This is usually common practice in dual-audio encodes not by fansub groups.

Q: Why can’t I hear the characters but everything else?
A: Because your player isn’t properly down-mixing the surround sound (it’s simply discarding channels). Check your audio settings, make sure to set everything to stereo/2.0 down-mixing.


Q: What resolution will <some show> be in?
A: DVDs will be encoded to 480p.
Blu-rays will usually be encoded in 720p. In rare instances where the show was terribly upscaled for Blu-ray, we may drop down to 576p if 720p can’t be done to our standards. In addition, we will do 1080p if we feel like it when a show actually qualifies for it (very rare as most anime aren’t animated in full HD still). Exceptions may apply.

Q: Can I have a screenshot comparison?
A: We tend not to do these, but you can request one on the forum or do it yourself.

Q: Are the episodes available for download here uncensored?
A: Since we are usually encoding from Blu-rays, the episodes are as uncensored as they can get.


Q: Why can’t I get any peers from your tracker?
A: Disable your stupid Peerblock and make sure port 3277 (TCP/UDP/outgoing) doesn’t get blocked by your firewall.

Q: Can you upload this to <filehoster>?
A: No, we won’t; but feel free to request this on the forum.


Q: Can I do <whatever> with your releases?
A: Do what you want, we can’t stop you anyway. Give proper credit if you are, but do not label it as joint.

Q: Is <show> dropped?
A: Unless it’s filed under the category “Dropped”, no.

Q: How can I contact you?
A: On IRC, on the community forum, or leave a comment with a valid email address if you have to tell us something really important.

Q: Why the name “Kametsu”?
A: Started off, we wanted to come up with a unique word. I sort of based it off of Oritsuru (a weapon in the Final Fantasy video game series). Turns out however, there is a town in Japan called Kametsu. How neat. So Kametsu is actually Japanese after all and we work with Japanese anime. So it makes sense.

4 thoughts on “FAQ

    • We don’t normally take requests as we just work on what we want to do for ourselves; but we’ll sometimes pick up something based on requests posted on the forum. That said, what did you have in mind?

    • We’re doing Gundam Thunderbolt and Gundam Origin, while one of our staff members did Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans. So if no one else gets to it at some point, there is a possibility we’ll do it. I’m a pretty big Gundam fan for the most part. Only Gundam series I dropped was G-Reco, and the only ones I’ve still yet to watch is Turn-A, Victory, and After War X. I intend to watch those three at some point. Hoping After War X gets a Blu-ray too though as I believe it’s likely the only one left to have not gotten the Bluray treatment at this point.

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