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We are a group dedicated to encoding shows we are interested in to High Definition (or creating DVD encodes) with English Dub (when a show is too edited and/or released without a Japanese track on source) which won’t have any subtitle track as a result, Dual-Audio (when both English and Japanese audio exist on source) which comes with two subtitle tracks (one for signs/songs, the other for full dialogue), or English Subtitled (rare occasion where a show we really love never got dubbed but we felt needed our encode treatment anyways).

We will not:

  1. Encode to XviD/RMVB.
  2. Create patches for v2 (unless we feel like it or someone helps out).
  3. Encode a series we are not interested in (which is most likely one you are).
  4. Release SD versions of HD encodes.
  5. Encode from pre-encoded raws (if we use pre-encoded raws, we won’t touch the video).

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