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Episode Count: 1 OVA
File Size: 434 MB (720p), 1.73 GB (1080p)
File Size (Dual Audio): 461 MB (720p), 1.85 GB (1080p)
Video Info: 10-bit h264, mkv [Kametsu]

Audio : English 2.0ch FLAC
Audio: Japanese 2.0ch FLAC

Audio: English 2.0ch AAC
Audio: Japanese 2.0ch AAC

Subtitles: Signs & Songs
Subtitles: Dialogue [Kametsu]

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XDCC PARSER | TORRENT: (720p) (1080p)

In a pretty rare occurrence, we introduce you to an original translation by the team, thanks to choro for volunteering to translate.

UPDATE: Now in dual audio!

The team that made it possible

Translation: choro
Editing: Koby, CaptainJet
Typesetting: Baal, Etzimal
Rough Timing: choro
Fine Timing: kBaraka
ED KFX: Etzimal
Encode Script: Baal
Encode Processing: Etzimal
Dialogue Style & OP: Cthuko
Quality Check: CaptainJet, Etzimal, Koby

Synopsis: Based on Oomori Fujino’s light novel series. After leaving the 18th floor, on their journey Bell and his fellow adventurers stumble across a hot springs and they decide to take a dip thanks to Divine Herme’s being prepared for the situation. Fanservice of course ensues and you’re in for a trip through your generic hot springs ova with your girl Bestia.