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File Size: 3 GB @ 720p, 11.2 GB @ 1080p
File Extension: .mkv, h264 10-bit

Audio Track 1 (Default): English 5.1 FLAC
Audio Track 2: Japanese 5.1 FLAC

Audio Track 1 (Default): English 5.1 AAC
Audio Track 2: Japanese 5.1 AAC

Subtitle Track 1 (Default): Signs & Songs (.ASS)
Subtitle Track 2: Dialogue (.ASS) [Commie-Modified]

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XDCC PARSER | TORRENT: (720p) (1080p v2)

1080p v2 is finally release. Had to do a new encode due to corrupted frames from a faulty mkvmerge edition.

Synopsis: In the year 2027, a year following the end of the non-nuclear World War IV, a bomb has gone off in Newport City, killing a major arms dealer who may have ties with the mysterious 501 Organization. Public Security official Daisuke Aramaki hires full-body cyber prosthesis user and hacker extraordinaire, Motoko Kusanagi, to investigate.