Episode Count: 100
File Size: ~170 MB @ 480p (640×480)
File Extension: .mp4
Video: h264 8-bit
Audio Track: English 2ch AC3 (224kb/s Constant)
Subtitle Tracks: NONE

#Kametsu @ irc.kametsu.com

Episodes 1-52 is done and up from the 13 original volumes I purchased. I’ve obtained the ISO’s for episodes 53-100 from the NewVideo boxset. Unfortunately they lied about it containing 1-104 as it only contains 1-100.

Note: Zatch Bell is 150 episodes long, however the English Dub was canceled after 104 aired on TV. It has since then been released on DVD up to episode 100; so that is as much as I can do. For 101-104 I’d recommend Awesome-Toons TV encode which I have available on XDCC. If you want to continue the show subtitled, Anime-Destiny would be the release to grab (which is also available on our XDCC bots).

Synopsis: Every thousand years, mamodo descend upon earth to conduct the ultimate battle. The winning mamodo becomes the king of the mamodo world. In order for the many mamodo to use their powerful spell books, they need human partners. Kiyo is a brilliant but aloof 14 year old. Kiyo’s father, an archeologist, finds a mamodo child named Zatch unconscious in a forest. He sends the good-hearted Zatch to be his son’s mentor. The unsuspecting Zatch and Kiyo must defend themselves against the ambush of mamodo-king wannabees.