It has been brought to our attention that a user by the name of kuchikirukia likes our work so much that he has been stealing our (and many other) releases to claim them as his own.

He’s re-encoding the FLAC audio tracks to low-grade AAC, cutting out the OP & ED and linking them (introducing ordered chapters) and taking 100% credit for all the work. Either that, or he will claim it’s his own original remux, when in reality he took a remux from another user/group that was already at archive-quality level and simply downgraded it. This user has stolen works from various other groups as well and rarely gives credit to the video, audio, or subtitle groups he takes from. He even has gone as far as claiming they were all his original stuff previously. He has also spread blatant lies about Kametsu as to what kind of work we put into our releases (e.g. claiming we have never encoded anything ourselves).

Just thought everyone should be made aware of this lowlife and possibly avoid him or give him a piece of your mind (be careful though, he’s a nasty fellow).