As some of you are aware, one of our primary modes of delivery, Nyaa, was shut down two days ago. Don’t fret. We’ve since learned this takedown was all voluntarily done by the owner of Nyaa himself. It wasn’t some attack against anime or anything of the sort, despite what various rumors and speculation you might’ve seen flying around the past few days would like you to believe.

Either way, Nyaa had become a central public hub for anime as a whole and losing it has dealt a great blow to anime fans around the globe as they scramble to locate where their favorite groups have relocated to. Release groups existed in a time before Nyaa and they’re not going to vanish just because of that. After all, as fans of the medium, this is our hobby.

There are several alternatives but none seem as promising or as well liked as the setup Nyaa had gained. That’ll happen in due time.

Kametsu hasn’t exactly decided what path of action we’ll take in regards to this news. There is a lot of dust flying and we’re hoping to see it settle before we put in any real amount of effort in relocating all of our stuff. We’ve discussed places like Minglong, AniDex, AniRena, TokyoToshokan, and as well as simply using Magnet links. But again, nothing has been set in stone at this time.

We have also heard that there is some sort of joint effort being made to re-create a new tracker in Nyaa’s likeness, so we’d like to see what happens with that. After all there are some pretty big names apparently backing the project.

In the mean time, all of our files can still be found on XDCC, and if you look at AnimeTosho or some other indexer like ShanaProject or the like, you can likely find our older torrent files which, if they’re still seeded, should work due to us utilizing several other public trackers aside from Nyaa within them. However, I don’t think we’re currently seeding any of them ourselves personally.

You can also find the majority of our stuff over on AnimeBytes (it’s a private tracker, so you’ll need an account or an invite, and no I can’t send you an invite so don’t ask). We also have some of our stuff approved on BakaBT, but they’re going through their own set of issues of late and are currently down for server maintenance and also recently became a private tracker due to reasons and haven’t made up their mind if they’ll return to being public or remain private and setup some kind of invite system.

Anyways, remember that the anime community wouldn’t survive without you, the viewers. You socialize with us on the forums and IRC Channel. You help report mistakes made in releases so they can be fixed. You get excited when we pick up your favorite show. That kind of involvement is paramount to seeing this community continue.

Kametsu will continue to do what we do. Please be patient while we make our adjustments and look forward to more anime. We’ll keep you posted as we decide on long-term plans for the future health of our community. Thank you for reading.