File Size: 5.5 GB @ 1080p (1920×1080)
/ 3.33 GB @ 720p (1280×720)
File Extension: .mkv
Video: h264 10-bit (1080p) / h264 8-bit (720p)
Audio Track 1 (Default): English 5.1 FLAC (1080p)
/ English 5.1 AAC (720p)
Audio Track 2: Japanese 5.1 FLAC (1080p)
/Japanese 5.1 AAC (720p)
Subtitle Track 1(Default): Signs/Songs (.ASS)
Subtitle Track 2: English Dialogue Subtitles (.ASS)

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XDCC PARSER | TORRENT: (720p) (1080p)

*Note: 720p is 8-bit, while the 1080p is 10-bit.

Synopsis: Masked Hell denizens appear in Karakura town so Rukia and Renji are sent to investigate the matter. After a fight with them they manage to rescue Karin (Ichigo’s sister) from them but they return to hell with Yuzu (Ichigo’s other sister). Having rescued Karin, Kokuto (a hell denizen himself) befriends Ichigo and they set out to save Yuzu from Shuren (the commander of the denizens that kidnapped Ichigo’s sisters).